To little steps from our B&B ‘La Veduta‘ you will be able to find places of world-wide interest.

In the first instance the Museum of Capodimonte, a beautiful and large landscapes to green public of Naples, with its precious and renowned canvases all over the world: from Tiziano to Botticelli, passing for Caravaggio.

Beside the museum, there is the famous Park of Capodimonte: wide prairies and necks spaced out from fluctuating hollow torrents and characteristics. A bucolic landscape that will transport you in a dimension all new.

Continuing along the scale of the ‘Moiariello‘ you will beginning from find the Palace of the Spanish, built up 1738, to whose inside you will be able to admire the museum dedicated to between the maximums exponents of the comic and world-wide cinema: Antonio de Curtis, Totò.

Between the greater historical-artistic finds, it is sure from numbering the Door of S. Gennaro: of it we have news already beginning from year 928d.C and was erected as a result of spreading of the fear of people for the advance of the Saracen ones in Italy.

Like not remembering, then, the presence of the Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte, permanent research center of the INAF (National Institute of astrophysics) engaged inactivity in the field of astronomy, astrophysics and in collaboration with much university and public or private agencies.

The catacombs of S. Gennaro, ancient cimiteriali areas going back basements to the second century, they represent the more important monument of the Christianity in Naples.

Moreover it is possible to find, in the vicinities,many other attractions, which: the basiica of the Crowned one in Capodimonte, the house of the Saint Face, the chinas of Capodimonte, the Severe church, Saint Gaudioso catacombs and the botanical garden.

Indeed a great artistic and historical value to yourcomplete disposition.

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